Yablio 2019

More than a streaming client !

Organize your TV Shows and Movies torrent files and Play them without downloading.


Torrentium allows you to enjoy online playback of content with the best audio-visual quality in all the most popular and common formats.

  • Organize your torrents

    Torrentium automagically finds the torrents on your system, retrieves posters, summaries and reviews, organizes them by Movies and TV Shows by seasons in a beautiful modern designed library.

    Are you ready for binge-watching ?

  • Anonymous and safe

    Let torrent service provider like Realdebrid downloads the torrent for you. So Torrentium does not expose your IP by downloading torrent. Also it will not damaged your storage disk and does not overcharge your smart TV or your android device

  • Stream your torrents

    Start the playback without waiting for the whole file to complete downloading. Just like streaming platform, you get to start watching right away and that saves you a lot of time. It is really fast. Watch FHD or 4k content with no more buffering

  • Download manager

    Torrentium is also a multithread downloader. This technology highly improves download speed.  So It is still possible to download the torrent at the higher speed and watch it later or while it is downloading.

  • Included Video Player

    Built in codec to support playback of all common video file formats. Automatically fetch subtitles in your preferred language, download and switch to the Next episode automatically, and more…But you can use your classic media players too

  • Chromecast compatible

    If you don't have an Android TV or an Android TV box, Torrentium is also compatible with google chromecast.

    Install it to your android device and cast the movie or TV show to your google cast device from your phone, your tablet or your personal computer


Torrentium allows you to enjoy online playback of content with the best audio-visual quality in all the most popular and common formats with a beautiful modern interface.







Your torrent collection

Torrentium retrieves automagically the posters, summaries and reviews according to the torrent file name.

The torrents are smartly sorted according to your personal usage.


Torrentium is available on the Google Play Store for Android TV, Smartphone and tablet.

The desktop versions are currently in development.


In Development :

Why donate ?

Hi, I am Yablio, I'm an independent developer.

I develop applications and games on android TV and mobile. I want to continue developing app full time and release a lot of apps on these platforms. I want to do a lot, especially for android TV users, to help the community to enjoy useful tools and entertainment apps on their TV. But it cost money to make this reality. Hundreds hours have already been spent for, and as much as I try, I do not make enough in revenue from ads to continue paying as much as I should. Also as a UI/UX designer I want to ban these awful and unfriendly ads in my apps.

I'd love to have these projects be a full-time job and may be expand projects to include more developers, but, as I said, money is an issue for this to be a thing.

It is specially true about the other torrent service providers integration (alldebrid, seedr,, torrentshare). If you'd like to help out my cause, or you just enjoy what I offer, please donate.

Questions and Answers

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